WWE Wrestler R-Truth Visits The Center

Professional WWE wrestler Ron “R-Truth” Killings recently paid a visit to the Art Center. Through a very special event, sponsored by the Whitney E. Johnson Foundation, R-Truth spoke to others about overcoming adversity, following dreams, and being true to oneself. R-Truth’s words were immensely inspirational to both the staff and students. He even joined the students in creating a painting, which is currently on display at the Center!

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C.A.T. Students Create Matisse-Inspired Artwork

Students in our Saturday morning Creative Art Therapy (CAT) program learned about expressionist Henri Matisse, creating cutout and collaged art pieces in honor of the iconic artist. Vivid, colorful works of art permeated the center as creative expression flourished. The students had a great time and are looking forward to art classes to come!

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Parent University

The Spirit of Huntington participated in Parent University on April 27th. It was an absolute honor to support the South Huntington School District at their annual event held at Walt Whitman High School. The students learned about artist George Seurat, and created their own masterpieces using pointillism. Working with these students and being a part of this event was a blast, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!

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C.A.T. Students Hold Art Show

Students from the South Huntington School District joined us in the Center’s Creative Art Therapy (CAT) program. Recently, the students held an art show showcasing their own, original pieces. The students worked very hard over the span of ten weeks to put this event together, and it truly paid off in the end! With art, refreshments, and live music, the show was an absolute blast for everyone involved. The next show will take place at the center on June 24th, so make sure to stop on by!

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Mid-Island YJCC Visits The Center

Our friends at Mid-Island YJCC paid a visit to the Art Center! We had groups of students come in on 3 different Saturdays to make art as part of the Teen Pals program. The SOH staff showed the students around and instructed them through a special art project. The students drew and painted, showcased their creativity, enjoyed some snacks, and had an overall great time! It was truly inspiring to watch these students create such intrinsically powerful art pieces. We are look forward to seeing them again next year!

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2017 Car and Art Show!

The Spirt of Huntington Art Center, in partnership with The Long Island Exotic Car Club, are proud to announce the first annual Spirt of Huntington Car and Art Show!

Join us for the special collaboration show at the old South Huntington Library. The Spirit of Huntington Art Center welcomes The LIECC for an exhibit that will highlight some of the Hottest Rides with some of the most amazing Car Themed Artwork.

Joins us for two days of fine cars, fine art, and fine family fun! Guests include Photographer Ed Shin, Village Connection, South Bay Fuel Injectors, and Princess Geri Cannoli, radio host at Village Connection radio

Click here to go to the Facebook Event page!

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Come meet Ron “The Truth” Killings” from the WWE

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Holiday Party and Fundraiser


On Saturday December 17th we threw our holiday party, A Winter Wonderland For Love, we celebrated the holidays with students, parents, Veterans and friends of the Spirit of Huntington! At this holiday party there was a special students art show, dancing with the artist named Con, drumming performance by World Beat Rhythm, Holiday Tree and cookie decorating and a custom train layout that was just amazing. All the students worked for weeks on the giant 40 ft mural of the Polar Express scene to highlight the huge train display. Delicious food, hot chocolate and eggnog were served to those who came. A night of joy was had by all as we celebrated the holidays together with students and our proud Veterans.

Later in the night we had a special tribute to a recently fallen soldier, Anthony Martinelli, who was given an honoring and special dedication with the train display and special prayer and presentation led by our founder Erich Preis. We are so very thankful for all who took part in this special holiday event. A special thank you for all of the beautiful work that was created by the classes and the volunteers and sponsors who made this celebration possible.

Check out our photos on Facebook!  http://tinyurl.com/hcmcxau

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August 2016 Summer Art Program

Spirit of Huntington Art Center
Artists Come Alive Art Camp Summer 2016

Thank you for joining us for our Fifth Annual Spirit of Huntington Art Center Artists Come Alive Art Camp. We have loved sharing this week with you. We have had a record number of volunteers this year and that just makes our hearts happy. Almost all of our counselors and CITs are former campers and your willingness to come back to assist our artists is what The Spirit of Huntington is truly all about. As Vincent van Gogh so eloquently said “There is nothing more artistic than to love others”. And boy do we love you guys!!!! Here is a quick overview of the artists we have studied this week:

Monday- Claude Monet- En Plein Air Watercolor Painting

We went on visual journey through France via Monet’s beautiful watercolor masterpieces.
From Bridge Over Giverny to his famous Water Lilies. We learned that Monet painted scenes outdoors over and over again using the different times of days to affect the light. Then we went outside and created our own En Plein Air paintings mixing watercolors and inspired by the beautiful green landscape around us.

Tuesday – LeRoy Neiman – Olympic Posters

Piggybacking on the excitement of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, we learned about LeRoy
Neiman’s amazing Olympic posters and artwork using bold streaks of color to simulate
movement. Each camper picked his/her favorite Olympic sport – from the more popular soccer
and gymnastics all the way to rugby and “water volleyball”. The students created backgrounds
with bold, strong strokes using paint or oil pastels and then designed their chosen Olympic
athlete in motion.

Wednesday – Romero Britto – Kites

And they should actually fly!!! We searched to find an aerodynamic way to create a Romero Britto inspired kite! Brazilian-born and Miami-made, Romero Britto is an international artist that uses vibrant, bold and colorful patterns to reflect his optimistic view of the world around him. Britto was recently honored as torch-bearer at the 2016 Rio Olympics! The New York Times describes Britto’s work as “exuding warmth, optimism and love”. Helping others and making a difference in this world is why Britto says he creates. He tells us that “art is too important not to share!”

Thursday – Georgia O’Keeffe- Sculpture Flowers

Georgia O’Keeffe is known as the “mother of modern art”. She is one of the most significant and intriguing artists of the twentieth century, known internationally for her boldly innovative art. Her distinct flowers, dramatic cityscapes, glowing landscapes, and images of bones against the stark desert sky are iconic and original contributions to American Modernism. We were inspired by her flowers to create our own sculptures and then painted a setting in which to display them. The students had fun mixing colors and using various art materials to compose their unique 3D projects.

Friday- Frida Kahlo- Face Drawing

Frida Kahlo is Mexico’s most famous female artist best known for her self-portraits. “I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.” So, who else would we use to draw a self portrait, but YOU! We learned how to draw faces by using our own portrait to show us symmetry, line, form and shading. We used charcoal and pencil and recreated the other side of our portrait, but no one had eyebrows like Frida who painted her eyebrows to resemble the wings of a bird!


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Information About Funeral Arrangements

Our flag half staff at The Spirit of Huntington Art Center in memory of Joe Preis, father of Erich Preis.

The funeral arrangements will be on Thursday, June 30th at Brueggemann Funeral Home 522 Larkfield Road East Northport. 2-4 & 7-9pm. Religious service is at 8.

We are all sorry for your loss!


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