Our Teachers

The Spirit of Huntington staff is specially qualified to nurture and embrace children with special needs. Every one of our teachers either has special needs themselves or has a child with special needs. We love and support all of our students unconditionally and strive to create an atmosphere where children are celebrated and embraced not DESPITE who they are, but BECAUSE of who they are. We learn beautiful lessons in love, community and life each and every day from our treasured students.

Erich J. Preis, Founder

Erich Preis is a successful artist from Long Island, NY and has exhibited in galleries. He has sold over 80 pieces of art, and is collected privately, nationally and internationally. Erich   is known as “the artist for our U.S. Veterans”. For the past eight years, he has helped to raise thousands of dollars in raffles and auctions, through his art, for our homeless veterans and veterans who need assistance. This charitable work started after Erich had lost his friend and F.I.T. college roommate, also a fellow artist, in the Pentagon on 9/11. The veteran outreach is done in his friend’s memory.

Despite growing up with learning disabilities, on the autism spectrum, Erich has successfully graduated from two colleges, Fashion Institute of Technology and C.W. Post. He is a NY State Certified Art Teacher (K-12), and was awarded a scholarship to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where he received a certificate and won an award for his drawing skills.

Erich has taught art in the Bronx public schools, to students in gangs, through the N.Y.C. Board of Education, utilizing art therapy. He has worked with Helen Keller Services for the Blind, United Cerebral Palsy of Suffolk County and various nursing home facilities, using art therapy.

Erich enjoys motivational speaking, where he describes how he overcame his adversities to become successful. He offers seminars to schools, corporations and the interfaith community, where he teaches adults and parents of children with varying disabilities, techniques to help children reach their highest potential in art and in life.

Erich strives to be an inspiration to all artists, but especially to those who are affected by Autism, which is now one in 80 boys on Long Island. He, along with others, has begun teaching art classes to children on the Autism Spectrum at the newly formed Spirit of Huntington Art Center. He has attracted several renowned artists and sculptors who have begun teaching art classes that appeal to the entire community.

Jeff Webb, Drawing/Painting Instructor

Jeff Webb P.S.A., is a very successful artist from Long Island, N.Y. He has sold hundreds of paintings, and his artwork is exhibited in museums and art galleries across America. As far as education, Jeff earned a Master of Arts Degree at C.W. Post, a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Pratt Institute, and studied privately with many other famous and successful artists. He won over 16 awards for his artwork, and has been featured in several art magazines and publications.

Jeff has been an artist for as long as he can remember, and his passion for art is still growing. He enjoys doing art, as well as introducing people to the world of visual art, whether it be through his own paintings or in a classroom with art students.

Jeff’s mission is to teach art to people who wish to do art. He works directly with his students and uses materials such as oil paints, pastels, and watercolors. He is very well known for doing portraiture, a style of art that focuses directly on artistic representation of people. He now teaches portraiture at the Spirit of Huntington Art Center. Jeff says he works “only from life” when he does art, and has a representational style.

Michael Kitakis, Executive Director/Teacher

Michael Kitakis is one of our best loved teachers because he has the heart of a kid. A very spirited, creative and loving young kid! Michael’s day job as CEO of New Media Marketing helps us incorporate beauty and style into our materials and websites, but he is now blossoming as a talented and innovative teacher. He studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has carried a love for art creating throughout his career.

He has been the driving force behind the launch of the Spirit of Huntington Art Center. It’s his passion for art and his love of the children that fuel the hearts of the teachers and students. Michael is involved in many community activities and fundraising events as a business owner as well as a father.

It is this involvement coupled with his amazing artistic ability and knowledge that help us create an atmosphere of love, acceptance, celebration and encouragement to our art studio. He sees the talents in the children and knows how to engage them to do their best work. He has a unique ability to weave the instructional parts in with the fun creative side to provide the students with a well-rounded artistic experience.

Diane Young, Teacher

Diane Young is a certified Early Childhood educator currently teaching and developing a unique kindergarten program at Noah’s Ark Nursery School in Centerport. She is also teaching music programs to children aged 1-5  years at the Harborfields Public Library and weekly at classes to children with special needs at the Huntington YMCA. She is a community leader with several Harborfields PTA units and teaches 6th grade catechism at both St. Francis and OLQM.

Diane is a strong advocate for children as well as a Parent Member on the Harborfields Committee on Special Education. She continually studies and practices mindful education and enrichment and is blessed to be able to share her joy with the children.   Diane genuinely loves children and brings a warmth and enthusiasm to her classes that truly radiates from her heart.

Bob Schmitz, Artist

Bob Schmitz grew up in New York. His father was a commercial artist whose influence strongly motivated Bob to pursue art as a career. This career, however, did not begin until later in life. Bob’s love of art and the development of his present style, transformed over many years while he was running one of his other business ventures. Bob has now put his other business activities aside to do what he loves to do the most—paint and sculpt.

Bob’s love for scuba diving and the exotic colors of the beautiful coral reefs of the tropical islands strongly influence his art. Many of his original works were scenes of coral reefs and tropical islands. Even today, his modern impressionistic and abstract works are influenced by the reefs and the bright colors that are found there.

Bob’s earlier works were more realistic in style The evoloution to the abstract has placed his art on another level, where creativity comes through him and is expressed with numerous mediums onto the surface of the canvas. Texture, feeling color, shape, all come from the feelings that the artist is expressing at the moment.


Our Support Team

Cathy Kitakis, Teaching Assistant

Cathy Kitakis is a level 3 CPR and CPI Certified Teaching Assistant at Variety Child Learning Center in Syosset. This is her sixth year teaching in a 3 and 4 year old class for special needs children. Cathy has a love for teaching with a special insight into the hearts of children with challenges. She is an avid yoga student who brings her calm, centered presence to our classes which greatly lightens the atmosphere of the class. Cathy has also taught catechism for 5 years and volunteers her time not only to the Art Center but to many community causes, most notably Harborfields Special Education PTA where she served on the board for many years and chaired many large scale fundraising events. These fundraisers raised much needed dollars to support the needs of special education students throughout Harborfields.

Marina DiDomenico, Nurse/Teaching Assistant

Marina DiDomenico has been working for many years as a Registered Nurse and is a tremendous asset to our center. We are incredibly blessed to have Marina on staff to care for our children (as well as our parents and teachers!) Not only does she take care of their physical needs, but nurtures and supports the children as well with her knowledge and understanding of special needs. She teaches catechism to 6th graders at OLQM and is also a tremendous asset to Harborfields SEPTA where she still sits on the board as one of their most successful fundraisers. Marina is also a student at the Spirit of Huntington. She has taken portraiture classes with Jeff Webb and has been incredibly motivated to create in her sculpture class as both as talented student and model. She is truly finding her voice as an artist at the Spirit of Huntington Art Center.

Con Artist, Tango Instructor

Con Artist, Born Constance, decided to give herself a name the way people chose their names throughout history… according to her profession. She is not a con; she is an artist and a trained Argentine Tango dancer, teacher and choreographer who loves to perform. She is also a painter and sculptor of diverse imagery. Con has worked at Atria Assisted Living in Huntington doing art and entertainment with the seniors. She has organized several workshops in painting and sculpture for physically and mentally challenged adults and children through the town of Islip. In addition, Con has also worked as artist-in-residence for East Islip School District and she was also a costumer and puppet maker for Chazzam Entertainment. Con earned a BS Degree in Fine Art at Stonybrook University.

Theresa Banks, Yoga Instructor

Theresa Banks began her yoga practice in 2003 on Long Island, New York. Her travels have brought her to study with a variety of Yoga Teachers. With a love for the healing arts, Theresa was guided to become an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor as well as being certified in Reiki I and II. This combination has rounded and deepened her learning experience. Theresa is a 500 hour graduate of the Yoga Teacher Training Institute in Queens, NY, a certified YogaKids Teacher and holds an International KRI certification in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Theresa’s devotion for yoga expands with every moment.  Her yoga practice and teaching benefit from her love of music, creative spirit and connection to Mother Earth. She is blessed to be a vehicle for the healing energy and the teachings. She fills her classes with love, light and commitment. She is honored to share these amazing ancient teachings with the community and to guide people to reach their fullest potential and inner light.

Elizabeth Madden, Teacher

Elizabeth Madden majored in fine art and art history at SUNY Stony Brook. She currently works in special education, and has since 1993. Liz uses her art background to inspire students with disabilities to develop their creative skills. She is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance and teaches yoga weekly.

Vito Cannella, Sculpture Instructor

Erica Schlitz, Coordinator/Art Therapy Graduate Student

Lea Quint, Teacher

Kimberly Hicks, Adviser to the Board

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