with Erich Preis
one on one art therapy with with our founder Erich Preis, who has a four year college degree in Art Therapy. Erich has used Art Therapy in his own life to over come a lot of his changes with Asperger’s syndrome which is a form of Autism.
Any medium-Suggested Donation- $50 materials
not included.Evening 6:00pm-9:00pm


with dance instructor Con
Come do something different and learn to Tango! Couples or singles, the arts are all about expression and there is plenty of room to dance here at the center. Visit us as we Tango and get rid of those winter blues! No pre-registration necessary, come explore your creativity in dance! Suggested Dance Donation- $15 per person, $25 per couple
EVERY MONDAY  evening 7:00pm-9:30pm Recommended for all ages


with a collaboration of Marina, Erich, Mark, and Vito (Master Sculptor)
Bring wood, plaster, and other composite materials to life by unleashing your energy into form. Learn addition and subtraction techniques in both abstract and representational styles. All levels from beginner to advanced welcome. Suggested Donation- $30 materials not included
EVERY THURSDAY evening 7:00pm to 10pm Recommended for ages 17-99


with Artist Erich Preis and Artist Liz Madden
Study painting, pastel, watercolor, and drawing at our famous studio
Come study still life and portrait drawing at our famous studio. Visit us as we work with beginners and advanced students. Any medium, No pre-registration necessary, come explore your creativity!
Suggested Donation- $25 materials not included
EVERY WEDNESDAY evening 6:00pm-9:00pm All ages


“Artists Come Alive!” ART CLASS
with Educator DIANE YOUNG and Artist MICHAEL KITAKIS
Join us as we discover new types of art through the ages. Every week this class will feature a new famous artist such as
Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, etc. from a different time period.  We will learn about the artist, era and create artwork using
inspired styles and techniques.
EVERY FRIDAY evening 6:30pm-8:00pm Recommended for kids 7-16.
Suggested Donation $25 includes pizza break or snack- materials included
Children with special needs are welcomed in this stress-free environment. 


Open Enrollment in Classes – Guest Artists - SeminarsSpecial Events
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